40" Orignal Beasytrans Transfer Board

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Product Description

We are pleased to offer you the Beasy Transfer System. It has not only prevented serious injuries caused by traditional means of transferring but has enabled patients to be more independent! Since there is no lifting involved, the risk of back and brachial plexus type injuries for the person being transferred are reduced and it eliminates back injuries for care givers with proper use.

The Beasy Board by Beasy Trans provides users with a safe, comfortable and dignified way to transfer from bed to wheelchair, from wheelchair to commode or shower seat, to a car and back again. The secret is a circular seat gliding on a track that supports the user's weight as the transfer occurs.

Beasy Board Product Features:

  • Made in the USA from revolutionary polymers 
  • Ideal for automobile transfers 
  • Longer length 
  • Frictionless, lateral slide allows for a smooth transfer 
  • "No-Lift" technology 
  • Portable and Versatile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sizes are available and in what situations are they used?

Beasy II: 27.5"€ - used for standard transfers which don’t require more length.

BeasyGlyder: 32"€ - used to curve around wheelchairs with non-removable armrests.

BeasyTrans: 40" - used for larger clients or longer transfers (wheelchair to car, etc.)

Hydraulic Lifts: $1,200 + , and the cost attendant setup and breakdown time.

Q: How much weight can the Beasy boards support?

A: All of the models are made of special DuPont space-age materials and more than 400lbs.

Q: What are some alternatives to Beasy boards?

Wooden transfer board: $45 plus the expense of upper torso lifting injuries and tissue therapy from dragging.

Hydraulic Lifts: $1,200 + , and the cost attendant setup and breakdown time.