aXs2 Aquatic Lift

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Product Description

The Splash! Lift series meets the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG 2010). In addition to the standard configuration, the Splash! lift is also available in Hi/Lo, Spa, Extended Reach, Splash! 300, Splash! 300 Hi/Lo, and Splash! 300 Spa versions. The Splash! lift installs into your pool deck via anchor, and can be easily removed for winter storage. 359° rotation ensures a safe transfer area.

400 pound lifting capacity, except for the Extended Reach, Splash! 300, Splash! 300 Hi/Lo, and Splash! 300 Spa, all of which haave a 300 pound lifting capacity. Powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery. Powder coated stainless steel and aluminum.
Shipping Dimensions: 281 lbs. 40"L x 48"W x 60"H
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• This removable lifting system is designed for swimming facilities seeking to provide user-friendly access to their swimming pools.
• 3rd party tested & verified ADA compliant
• 400 lb/181.5 kg lifting capacity**
• Easily removable from stainless steel deck anchor
• Powered by the Lift Operator Intelligent Control System
• True operational redundancy this“ lift can be operated from the control box and the handset
• 359° rotation ensures a safe transfer area
• Made from powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum
**Lifting capacity of the Extended Reach model and Splash! 300 has a 300 capacity

aXs Aquatic Lift

(ADA Compliant)


SR Smith has been designing and producing access solutions for aquatics since 1996. In that year, the company introduced the PAL-Portable Aquatic Lift, which truly revolutionized the market for commercial swimming pool lifts. That product was followed by the Splash! series of lifts, along with an assortment of design variations for different applications.

For several years, the company has sought to produce a lift specifically designed for the unique needs of both the residential and small hotel markets. Design criteria included providing a reliable product, that would be easy to operate, affordably priced, and, feature an attractive design.

The aXs Aquatic Lift is the result of this effort.

The aXs (pronounced: “ak’-ces”) combines attractive design, battery powered operation, and affordability to present a pool lift specifically designed for these markets. The aXs is a perfect access solution for simple pool designs with a maximum deck to water distance of 6". The aXs is mounted into a standard square deck anchor that is included with the lift.

The aXs was designed to mesh nicely with any patio environment. The lift weighs less than 70 pounds (without the seat) and can easily be stored when not needed using the optional transport cart.

The aXs is constructed from stainless steel and aluminum extrusions. All metallic surfaces are coated with an attractive and durable powder coated finish. The housing in formed from ABS plastic with an acrylic cap. The color of the aXs blends nicely into any backyard or hospitality pool deck.

The aXs is powered by a rechargeable battery that drives a reliable mechanical actuator. This combination is the same technology that has been used in lifts manufactured by RehaMed International since 1996. The attached hand control allows for independent operation.

Standing a mere 32 inches above the deck, the aXs provides 360º rotation to insure sufficient clear deck space for safe transfers on and off of the lift. The aXs is intended to be used with simple pool gutter configurations having a deck to water distance of no more than six inches.

With a lifting capacity of 300 pounds, the Basic versions of the aXs meets all Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), and features our exclusive seating system. This system, designed by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, is wider and deeper than most conventional seats, and has no edges to restrict transfers.

The aXs has a lifting capacity of 300 lbs.

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  • Item: AXS Lift
  • ADA Compliant ADA Compliant
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs
  • Construction: Powder-Coated Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Length: 73"
  • Width:19"
  • Height: 55"
  • Rotation: 360 Degrees
  • Power Source:Battery
  • Battery Included: Yes
  • Features: Meets or Exceeds American with Disabilities Acts Access Guidelines
  • Includes: Battery, Charger, Battery Console, Waterproof Control, Stainless Steel Anchor Socket With Cover and Spanner Key, Footrest, and Seat Belt Assembly