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How To Perform Total Body Exercises On SciFit® Inclusive Fitness Pro2®


“The advent of technology has led to an increasing reliance on computer systems to do all our work. This has hada severe impact on our health because of limited mobility. This gives rise to fat that is accumulated in areas like stomach region, upper arms, and thighs. Moreover, you lose stamina and you’re basically not as physically fit as you should be. This is where SciFit® Inclusive Fitness Pro2® Total Body Exerciser comes to the fore..Read More

3 Essential Features of Wheelchair Gloves

“Regardless of whether you’re using a power wheelchair or a manual one, it is always best to use high-quality leather wheelchair gloves. By using these gloves, people with mobility issues can enjoy their independence and move around freely as per their convenience. They can comfortably stabilize their wheelchair on bumpy roads without undergoing any injuries or pain.. Read More

How Does Aqua Biking Help With Osteoarthritis?


“In the last ten years, there has been a noticeable increase in popularity of aquatic exercises. The one that is the most recent is aqua cycling. People enjoy this because it means sitting on a water resistant stationary bike and cycling with all their might, with their entire body, up till the chest, immersed in water. While it is majorly preferred by fitness freaks, people suffering from knee osteoarthritis are recommended to try it for maintaining good general health and alleviating the progressive symptoms of knee OA. Here’s how it helps.. Read More


3 Things to Consider While Purchasing Wheelchair Threshold Ramps


“Wheelchair ramps are one of the handiest adaptive equipment for people with mobility issues. Navigating through doorways, raised landings, and tricky terrain becomes a lot easier with such equipment. Installing high-quality wheelchair threshold ramps inside your home is a great way of providing complete independence to seniors and people with mobility issues. It is an excellent way of helping them maintain an active and productive lifestyle.. Read More


Stroll Through the Beach with Ease on Accesstr’s All Terrain Manual Wheelchair


Who doesn’t enjoy going to the beach every now and then to take a break from the everyday routine? There’s barely anyone who wouldn’t love the sound of the gushing waves, the soft sand, the light breeze, and the setting sun. But being restricted from it merely because those wheels on your wheelchair refuse to roll on the sandy terrain is unacceptable. Fear not, because the solution to your mobility issues is the all terrain manual wheelchair by AccessTR.. Read More


4 Must Have Fishing Accessories For An Enriching Experience


Someone rightly said, “It’s better to sit in a boat thinking about God than sitting in a church thinking about fishing!” If you too are a lover of nature and peaceful surroundings, you wouldn’t want to spend your entire day doing nothing at home. If you’re in for an enthralling experience, you have to check out the following accessories to up your fishing game.. Read More


Wheelchair Threshold Ramps: Ending mobility issues


Mobility restrictions not only cause discomfort and inconvenience, they impact social relationships and mental health as well. Mobility disabilities affect millions of people worldwide. A report by National Institute of Health revealed that approximately 2.2 million people rely on wheelchairs for carrying out their everyday tasks. According to HME Business, North America accounts for the largest segment of wheelchair market due to increasing obesity.. Read More


Transform yourself with the World’s Most Versatile Rehabilitation Tool from


As the world progresses to match the pace or even exceed how our ancestors used the resources, the change in this worldly order has led to the development of a lot of diseases (both mental and physical) hindering an individual’s ability to perform, work, and participate in the everyday routine, unlike anyone who is fit. Read More


Why prefer electric fishing reels over manual ones?


If you are a fishing enthusiast, you would know how important fishing reels are. In simple words, it is a device that is used for deploying and retrieving a fishing line. If you don’t have the right reel for the type of fishing you pursue, you would neither enjoy the day nor catch anything at the end of it. Read More

Get back on your feet with Rehab Equipment for the Physically Challenged

People who fall and yet have the courage to get up are the heroes. They usually face minimal hindrance in life because of the willpower to get up and jump over the obstacles. Moving ahead in life is the only constant, and everything else is just part and parcel of this continuous struggle termed ‘life.’ Read More

Embark on a new level of Physical Fitness with the Swimming Pool Exercise Equipment

The enthusiastic souls who treasure physical fitness irrespective of any physical limitation will undoubtedly cherish swimming pool exercises. Working-out and exercising had never been so amusing. For now, all you need to do is change into your bathing suit and go right inside the water for your swimming pool exercise... Read More

Portable Aluminum Ramps for Wheelchairs - For Enhanced Independence and Access

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate!" - Words of Oprah Winfrey that you just read inspire one and all to continue making the most of life and grab opportunities to make it nothing less than a celebration.... Read More

Limited Mobility Can’t Stop You from Hunting

Losing your mobility doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence. Our all-terrain wheelchairs enable you to actively participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities, including hunting. Don’t give up on your favorite hunting sports because you lost your mobility. Stay active with Access TR’s all-terrain wheelchairs... Read More

All-terrain Power Wheelchairs

All terrain power wheelchairs can give you the wonderful freedom to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you decide that you want to cruise around on a sandy beach or you choose an off-road trail, these all terrain models can help you achieve an active lifestyle. All-terrain wheelchairs can take you just about anywhere you want to go with ease... Read More

Unleash Your Inner Animal With The X8 Extreme 4×4 Wheelchair

What wins in this situation – the immoveable object or the unstoppable force? All will become clear in a moment (btw- it’s the unstoppable force). Every once in a while an innovation comes along that is simply astounding. Seemingly influenced by science fiction, off-road and military vehicles, this is one wheelchair that can surmount almost anything that comes in it’s path... Read More

Find the Most Innovative Recreational Equipment for the Physically Challenged - with Access TR

With 40 years of experience in a wheelchair and over 3 decades of experience selling adaptive equipment - Access to Recreation is the leading provider of adaptive equipment for the physically challenged and our rapidly aging population... Read More

GPS-Enabled Wheelchairs Take the Physically Challenged to Places

With promising growths in the global wheelchair market, developers respond by improving the dynamics of assistive devices through using artificial intelligence, sensors and a GPS to bring users to their destinations. These technologies will improve the efficiencies of wheelchairs affecting 2.2 million people who use them for daily tasks and mobility (National Institutes of Health). Every year, 2 million new wheelchair users can also benefit from improvements on these devices that not only enhance the mobility of users who are physically challenged but also increase comfort and convenience. From manual to automated wheelchairs, these devices improve the quality of lives of people by letting them do more things safely and comfortably.

The Wheelchair as An Assistive Device

Disability affects millions of Americans preventing or restricting them from moving or going to places. It affects their ability to live independently that, in turn, impacts mental health and social relationships. Fortunately, assistive devices such as the wheelchair are available for the people with disabilities regardless of causes (accidents, illnesses, genetics or aging). Wheelchairs may be bought as manual or powered depending on the degree of the disability and budgets. Present-day wheelchairs have already significant features that enhance the mobility of users. For example, all-terrain wheelchairs are available that allow users to enjoy the outdoors. Gone are the days when people in wheelchairs are confined indoors or on paved surfaces. Now, you can get that breath of fresh air, fish or hunt in an all-terrain wheelchair.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Bring Users to Their Destinations

Robotics and artificial intelligence are also part of advances in wheelchair technology. By using AI, sensors, cameras and a GPS, developers are designing a wheelchair that can bring you to places. Researchers at Japan’s Kurume Institute of Technology are making an electric wheelchair that uses voice recognition to take the user to its intended destination. Using AI, it avoids obstructions (people and objects) as it moves. You just need to speak to a smartphone or a device on the wheelchair, tell the destination and the wheelchair maneuvers itself to reach the place where you want to go. A GPS-fitted wheelchair is also trackable pretty much in the same way that you locate a lost or stolen bike. The future of the wheelchair industry looks promising as technology advances help people with physical challenges improve their mobility and as a result, achieve a better quality of life. As for safety, wheelchairs are not categorized as motor vehicles and can be legally operated only on sidewalks, pathways and allowed to cross the street as pedestrians. Better access points for wheelchair users on public roads should be part of a wider measure to improve their safety.  

The Best Floating Beach Wheelchair for Outdoor Enthusiasts

A floating beach wheelchair is a perfect equipment to experience the sun, sand, water, and the beautiful beach setting. Beach is the best place to create memories with friends or family and nothing should come in the way of taking this fantastic opportunity away from you.... READ MORE

Water Aerobics Equipment- To Ensure Optimum Health & Fitness

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Isn’t it something that we all need to learn and follow on a daily basis?.... READ MORE