The Power of a Positive Mindset

Posted by Michelle Doherty on Jul 15th 2020

I have a friend who was in a car crash almost two years ago. Because of her accident, she had to have the lower half of her right leg amputated. The change was not easy for her: she went through a rea … read more

Exercising with a Disability

Posted by Michelle Doherty on Jul 1st 2020

When you have a physical disability, it can sometimes be more challenging to exercise. However, with the right equipment and regime you can do it.If you are someone who uses a wheelchair, there is som … read more

Pool Lift Maintenance and troubleshooting

Jun 19th 2020

Don't be left out of the pool!With summer here, it's time to make sure your battery is fully charged and ready for use with your Aqua Creek Pool Lift. 1) Be sure to check your battery voltage, a fully … read more

Limited Mobility Can’t Stop You from Hunting

Jun 6th 2019

Limited Mobility Can’t Stop You from HuntingLosing your mobility doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence. Our all-terrain wheelchairs enable you to actively participate in a wide variety of … read more