​4 Must Have Fishing Accessories For An Enriching Experience

Jun 6th 2019

4 Must Have Fishing Accessories For An Enriching Experience

Someone rightly said, “It’s better to sit in a boat thinking about God than sitting in a church thinking about fishing!” If you too are a lover of nature and peaceful surroundings, you wouldn’t want to spend your entire day doing nothing at home. If you’re in for an enthralling experience, you have to check out the following accessories to up your fishing game.

1. Strong Arm Rod Holder

The Strong Arm is a versatile fishing rod holder. This is an excellent product for anyone with limited or no grip. With this rod holder even lower level quadriplegics can cast by themselves. Made of 6 oz. oil treated leather, it can be worn over or under most clothing. One size fits all.

2. Fishing Pole Holder

This clamp on fishing pole holder helps keep a good grip on the pole and makes the reel available for one hand operation. A rigid, heavy-walled plastic tube holds the fishing rod handle while a slot in the side supports the reel and keeps it from moving while your fish is reeled in. A clamp with screw and large wing nut make it adaptable to any tubular wheelchair bar 7/8" to 1-1/8" diameter.

3. 452PTH Power Drive Electric Fishing Reel

This is designed so as to enable physically challenged individuals to enjoy the sport of fishing without little to no assistance. The 452-PTH, unlike other electric fishing reels, which leave the fisherman disheartened at not having enough capacity to catch pan fish, has the ability to effectively beat salmon, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, brim, crappie and other freshwater species without the need to "help" the engine by cranking. What's more? As a result of its extraordinary power, it is equally good for saltwater fishing to catch bigger fishes as well. Intended to control the prominent Penn Spinfisher SSV4500, the 452-PTH is impeccably adjusted and is effectively connected to a standard reel in just minutes.

4. Ty-All Knot Tier

This device ties knots that hold. Quality knots save lures, fish, and time. Useful for anyone and a must for one-handed fishing, this incredible device aids fishermen in threading hooks, tying knots, and cutting line. The Ty-All comes with mounting bolt and wing nut, line cutter and threader, and instruction book which illustrates knot tying.

So that’s that! Take a gander at these products in details and also watch the videos of people using them, on our respective product pages. Don’t forget to also check out our hunting equipment!