​How Does Aqua Biking Help With Osteoarthritis?

Jun 6th 2019

How Does Aqua Biking Help With Osteoarthritis?

In the last ten years, there has been a noticeable increase in popularity of aquatic exercises. The one that is the most recent is aqua cycling. People enjoy this because it means sitting on a water resistant stationary bike and cycling with all their might, with their entire body, up till the chest, immersed in water. While it is majorly preferred by fitness freaks, people suffering from knee osteoarthritis are recommended to try it for maintaining good general health and alleviating the progressive symptoms of knee OA. Here’s how it helps.

How does aqua biking help with knee OA?

Aquatic exercising feels way easier than cycling on land. This is because the buoyancy of water results in decompression of joints and causes the individual to feel weightless. This helps to move more smoothly in water than on land, as stated by medical specialists Tilden HM, Reicherter EA, and Reicherter F. In their research paper, the three specialists explain the use of an aquatics program for older adults with osteoarthritis.

Why is aqua biking good for lower limb problems?

  • Because of the reduced joint load, the repetitive movement of cycling and circular pedaling can be used effectively to improve the range of motion (ROM) in a manner that is more functional.
  • It involves the movement of the largest muscle in the lower limb, which ultimately reduces stiffness in the area and reduces knee pain.
  • Aqua biking improves aerobic capacity, self-reported physical functioning, and gait.
  • In cases of recovery from total knee surgery and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, patients who did aqua cycling showed greater improvements in knee-ROM and a reduction in knee joint swelling.

To cut a long story short, aqua cycling is a safe and controlled exercise regimen and has reportedly helped a lot of people in dealing with knee OA and other lower limb problems. If you’re looking for aqua bikes for sale, we have the right product for you.

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