How To Perform Total Body Exercises On SciFit® Inclusive Fitness Pro2®

Jun 6th 2019

How To Perform Total Body Exercises On SciFit® Inclusive Fitness Pro2®

The advent of technology has led to an increasing reliance on computer systems to do all our work. This has had a severe impact on our health because of limited mobility. This gives rise to fat that is accumulated in areas like stomach region, upper arms, and thighs. Moreover, you lose stamina and you’re basically not as physically fit as you should be. This is where SciFit® Inclusive Fitness Pro2® Total Body Exerciser comes to the fore. You can perform total body exercisesand knee-to-elbow motions for cardio. Pumping the foot pedals and tightly gripping the handlebar in different ways will help strengthen several muscle groups. Here are the steps to use one.

1. Warming upBefore you begin, make sure you do a 10-minute mild cardio to warm up your body. This will prevents any unwanted muscle cramps later.

2. Adjust the seat

You will have the liberty to adjust the seat according to your comfort. Use the knob below the chair and set it right. You can also remove it if you need to fit in your wheelchair. Adjusting should be done in a manner that your legs are straight when you push the pedals.

3. The reps

Hold on to the handlebar of the machine while performing the cycling action with your feet. Do this 20-30 times and perform 3 sets in total, for starters. This way your elbow joints will get some exercise and so will your thighs, legs, and feet. This is especially useful for people struggling with knee pain. The stiffness will lighten down as you increase your reps.

4. Chest and biceps

You can use the center post to perform chest and bicep exercises, while pushing the pedals. That means you move your upper body back and forth for chest workouts, while simultaneously performing cycling motion. And that’s how a total body exercise is performed.

Performing reps and increasing your speed will give you a much better workout every day. This is easy and required nothing extra. In no time will you feel fitter. Your muscles will have strengthened. Your days will go by much happier. So buy this amazingly versatile rehabilitation tool, which has an upper body exerciser and lower body recumbent bike for a total body solution.