Pool Lift Maintenance and troubleshooting

Jun 19th 2020

Don't be left out of the pool!

With summer here, it's time to make sure your battery is fully charged and ready for use with your Aqua Creek Pool Lift.

1) Be sure to check your battery voltage, a fully charged battery should read 24 volts or higher.
*For Vito batteries use the proper test cable*

2) The battery uses sealed lead acid cells, and like your car battery, should be charged as much as possible to prevent the cells from drying up, causing the battery to go bad. The charger has a maintain mode preventing it from overcharging.

3) To extend your battery life it is highly recommended you do not allow your battery to completely drain, it should not be off charger for more than 24 hours.

4) Run the lift through a complete test cycle (fully extend actuator) to verify it is functioning properly.

5) Visually inspect the lift for damage, corrosion, and loose or missing hardware.

If you are looking for a low maintenance option, our Solar Charging Station provides a steady stream of low voltage power for your pool lift battery. It will extend the life of your battery and eliminates the need to remove the battery each night for charging.

Following these tips will keep you in the pool this summer!

For questions or to place an order, contact Don Krebs at 800-634-4361 or email me at dkrebs@accessTR.com

Additional troubleshooting tips and videos can be found at https://aquacreekproducts.com/help-center/trouble-shooting/ or https://vimeo.com/user65913857