The Power of a Positive Mindset

Posted by Michelle Doherty on Jul 15th 2020

I have a friend who was in a car crash almost two years ago. Because of her accident, she had to have the lower half of her right leg amputated. The change was not easy for her: she went through a really dark period and had trouble seeing how she could go on.

I tried to remind her that although her lifestyle might have needed to change, who she was didn’t have to. I knew that I couldn’t possibly understand what she was going through, but as her friend, I had to try to help her through it. I went on to tell her that in my opinion, going through something like this could only make her stronger--stronger than she was before and stronger than someone like me who hadn’t faced this type of challenge.

In the nearly two years since the accident, her mindset has shifted to take a more positive outlook. With the help of a great support system, she now knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to and has proven it by participating in two marathons. She found the power in having a positive mindset, and if you are going through something similar, you can try using some of these tips to help you get through it:

Talk with Someone

Although you may think that no one will be able to understand how you feel, talking with someone about it will help them and you. It will help them to better understand what you’re feeling and it will also allow you to get out any of the frustration and anger that is building up inside of you. You can choose to speak with friends, family, a professional, or a combination of any of the three. Your life may change, but you can adapt to still do all of the things you did before.

Find Products and Services to Help You do What You Love

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Check Out Some Motivational Videos

Motivational videos are a great way to see that other people who have experienced the same things as you really do exist. It also goes to show that if they can do something, you can too. Some of my favorites include this video of a girl tumbling with one arm and this video of a man who refused to let a physical disorder stop him from achieving his dreams.

Overcoming a huge life change is never easy. And it’s okay to grieve. Just remember that while it may seem like your situation will never improve, if you are able to build a positive mindset, you will see that you’re not alone and that you can do anything you did or wanted to do before. You can overcome any challenge, but only if you believe you can.