Delta Swim System Size Medium

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Product Description

FREE Shipping! within the 48 United States. This component is designed to aid in progressive swimming development. Appropriate for individuals who can maintain postural equilibrium with controlled arm movements. Select the desired combination of parts, from minimum to maximum lift, to attain proper body positioning. Front and back sections enhance the bodys center of buoyancy, remaining in position due to the unique crotch strap design. Deltas are also used to maintain a vertical position in the water, thus assisting with walking, running, and aerobic exercises. Utilizing the waters resistance, rehabilitation can be directed at a specific area or muscle grouping. Ideal for those who will eventually be able to swim because, as confidence grows and skills improve, component parts may be removed.

Small: 30-60 lbs.
Medium: 60-150 lbs.
Large: 150-240 lbs.