Deluxe 2" Wrist & Ankle Cuff (Pair)

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Product Description

These Deluxe 2 inch€ Wrist and Ankle Cuffs are quality made in the USA. They are well padded and have synthetic fur (no animals were skinned) but the are similar in feel almost to the softness of mink. Our other cheaper version we sold in the early 2000's used dyed imitation sheepskin. The velcro or as more properly referred to in the industry as €œhook & loop€ has perhaps as much as 10 times the holding power. Quality cost but I think it is money well spent.

This double overlay cuff allows the user to “hook onto” pulley weights and lat bars. These are a must for quads who are serious about weight training. At 18” long it can be used on wrist and most ankles. Machine washable - Sold in pairs.