Equalizer 6000 Single Stack Gym

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Product Description
Get all the benefits of the Equalizer 1000 in a compact single weight stack gym. The new and improved Equalizer 6000 Gym is only 3.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet long and fits directly up against the wall, or in a spare corner of your house or apartment. Now all exercises are performed from the front of the machine, which is convenient, and easily accessible to the able bodied or disabled. Although designed for the home, it's great for institutional use where space is an issue and will last practically a lifetime. It is constructed of heavy duty steel with a long lasting powder coat. Precision made, the Equalizer 6000 is smooth and silent. Best of all it was designed by a paraplegic! Call for shipping quote.

This is the most complete, most accessible single user, single stack weight training equipment available for people with disabilities. It will fit in a small corner in your bedroom or living room and looks “high-tech” enough that you will be proud to display it. The Equalizer 6000 is top of the line - you cannot purchase a better piece of equipment! You will not be sorry that you purchased the Equalizer 6000 because it is so well engineered and built for people in wheelchairs.