• "We build what you dream!"
  • Our aim is to build high-quality handicap hunting equipment for all the people who love outdoor activities. We design equipment for the physically challenged that allow them to pursue activities they love doing effortlessly, hunting is surely one of those. From Shot Strap Gun Holder, Finger Control Device, and Pistol Mount to Trigger Mechanism Shooting Mount, Gun Mount, and more – we provide everything that is required to do things disabled sportsman haven’t been able to do without this equipment.
  • Our belief is that nothing should stop anyone from pursuing their passion for life, be it hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity for that matter. Whether it is limited mobility or loss of limb function, every challenge can be conquered by using adaptive equipment.
  • There is no stopping us! We are constantly evaluating possibilities of developing more options when it comes to handicap hunting equipment. We intend to make hunting easier and more enjoyable with our products.
  • Access to Recreation intends to become the single source that you can turn to with all your hunting equipment needs. Check out our website for more featured products that you would love to use. Happy Hunting!