EZ2 Lift w/Sq Tube, 400 lb Cap, No Anchor, (Box 1 of 2)

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Product Description

Important changes to Aqua Creek EZ and Power EZ Lifts!

Aqua Creek has recently made some changes to the EZ and Power EZ Pool Lifts.
1. We have changed the EZ and Power EZ Lifts from a round tube frame and mast to a square tube frame and mast for added strength and quicker and easier manufacturing.
2. We have added a swivel to the sling attachment point to allow for easier rotation and placement of the user within the pool and/or spa.
3. The Power EZ has received an electronics upgrade to Aqua Creek’s proprietary controls due to the rising cost of our previous supplier.

These changes are substantial enough to trigger a new part number for the lifts. The new part numbers are as follow:

  • F-PEZPL2 - The Power EZ2 Pool Lift, no anchor included - replaces the old Power EZ Lift (part number F-333PEZNA)
  • F-EZPL2 - The EZ2 Pool Lift, no anchor included - replaces the old EZ Lift (part number F-03EZPLNA)

All prices, anchors, accessories, and options remain the same except for a new Solar Charger option for the Power EZ2. That new part number is F-047SCH.
The EZ Pool Lift, by Aqua Creek, offers manual lifting capabilities up to 400 pounds. It is easily portable for storage and/or relocation to another pool area. With its affordability and compact design, this lift is ideal for residential applications.

Quality stainless steel construction and UV resistant powder-coating finish ensure long life and corrosion resistance. The EZ Lift acts as both a fixed and portable lift.

Required Anchor Not Included. Additional anchors available.

NEW turning bar added for even easier rotation.

Features Include:

• 400lb (181kg) lifting capacity
• Stainless steel construction & hardware
• Durable epoxy powder coated finish
• Manual hydraulically actuated ram
• Adjustable chains
• Durable and adjustable mesh sling style seat (38″x20″)
• Concrete imbedded anchor system
• 360° manual rotation
• Limited lifetime structural warranty

Item Numbers:

• F-EZPL2 – The EZ Pool Lift with In-Ground Anchor
• F-03EZPLNA – The EZ Pool lift, No Anchor

Anchor Options

• F-033EZA – Additional Anchor
• F-035EZSM – Surface Mount Anchor
• F-30600 – Wood Deck Anchor
•F-30220- 10″ Deep Anchor
• F-031473EZ – Anchor Arm, Custom Length Extended

Sling Options

• F-034EZS – Standard Sling
• F-34EZCS – Youth Size Sling
• F-037EZLS – Sling, Extra Length (50″x20″)
• F-036RSS – Sling with Rigid Seat & Seat Belt (38″x20″) NEW


• F-0320HSO – Hard Seat
• F-440EZC – Protective Cover
• F-440EZHSC Cover for EZ/Power EZ w/Hard Seat Option
• F-03EZPLAP – Upgrade Package


• Lifting Capacity: 300 lbs. [136 kg]
• Static Load Capacity: 450 lbs. [204 kg]
• Maximum Draft: (Deck to Water) 12 inches [305 mm]
• Maximum Setback: 16 inches [406 mm]
• Overall Height: 48-1/4 inches {1225 mm]
• Max. Width: (Deployed) 44 inches [1118 mm]
• Max. Length: (Deployed) 55 inches [1397 mm]
• Stowed Length: 23-1/2 inches [597 mm]
• Stowed Width: (No Footrest) 32-1/8 inches [816 mm]
• Weight: 120 lbs. [55 kg]
Lift Frame: Type 304 Stainless Steel
Baseplate: Type 304 Stainless Steel
Chair & Footrest: LLDPE Polyethylene
Standard Equipment:
Dual Flip-Up Armrests
Flip-Up Footrest
Safety Belt
24 Volt DC Battery & Charger
Water Proof Handset Remote Control