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Product Description

The AT is an all-terrain mid-wheel drive that provides tremendous off road capability, as well as versatility to maneuver indoors. With new 3 spoke alloy wheels and stronger than ever, heavy duty motors, this package will impress even the most active individual. Price shown does not include options. Please call or email for a PDF order form.

Power Options:

  • 50 Degree Power Tilt in Space* 
  • 150 Degree Power Recline* 
  • Articulating Power Elevating Legrest 
  • 12" Power Seat Lift* 
  • Power Recline w/Integrated Shear Reduction 

* May reduce weight capacity and/or alter performance

We now offer our own fully integrated power seating system. This includes a 12" seat elevator, 50° tilt-in-space, non-shearing recline, and single piece power elevating leg rest. This is the lightest power seating system available on the market. It can be equipped with our MPS seat, MPS seat back with solid seat pan, or full rehab seating.

Seat sizes range from a 12'x12' to a 24"x20". Driving on sand, snow, wet ground, or even slippery surfaces presents no problems to The Extreme. This is made possible by the patented passive steering system, a breakthrough in wheelchair design. Simply, no other power wheelchair comes close to the performance of the Extreme on all terrains.
•14" Knobby Tires
• 4 Powerful 4 Pole DC Motors-one on each wheel 
• Patented Passive Steering System
• Almost 1,000 Watts of Power
• Massive 75A/Hr Sealed AGM Batteries
• Climbs Curbs with ease 
• 400 lb. User Capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

Q = Question A = Answer

Q. How steep an incline can it climb?
A. The V6 can climb a slop of 1:3.5 or 15 degrees. Performance is improved using higher speeds but caution must be used to insure user safety.

Q. Can the joystick be mounted on either side, left-handed or right-handed?

A. Yes. The standard DX2 is interchangeable. The slide in mounting stem may be unbolted to swap to either side.

Q. Can I go faster or have more power?

A. No. The Frontier has been optimized for it's speed, torque and batter range characteristics using current technology. To change any of these would mean to reduce one of the others. Magic Mobility strives to keep ahead of the latest advances in technology and incorporate them into our products.

Q. Are there alternative control system available to drive the Frontier?
A. Yes, a wide range of controls are available from Hand Control Joysticks with external switches to chin and head controls. Ask your supplier for a complete listing.

Q. What sort of suspension is on the Frontier?

A. The V6 has an independent articulating suspension that allows the drive tires to stay on the ground even when traversing an obstacle, thus increasing traction

Q. Can the Frontier have Power Tilt-In-Space Seating or a Power Reclining Backrest?

A. Yes, various power options are available including Power-Tilt-In-Space, Power-Reclining Backrest, Power Elevating Leg Rests and Tilt-In Space with the Power Reclining Backrest.

Q. Is the Frontier waterproof?
A. No. While the electronics systems used in the Extreme are certified to the International Standard IP54, an environmental standard, getting the V6 wet may damage the electronic components and is not recommended. It is possible to drive the Frontier through shallow puddles of water without concern provided caution is used.

Q. Can the Frontier be pushed manually?

A. Yes. Each of its motors may be individually disengaged and the chair moved by an attendant.

Q. Will I be able to use my existing seat cushion?

A. Yes. The standard MPS seat is available with a flat board seat base to accept an after market seat cushion or alternatively our Rehab Seating System is available to accept an after market seat cushion and clamp on backrest. XL Seating is available in MPS and Rehab Seating Systems. Pediatric Seating is available in our Rehab Seating System.


  • Motors (2) 4-Pole, 24V Motors 
  • Batteries (Not Included in Base Price) (2) Group 24, 73 Amp 
  • Max User Weight: Up to 400 lbs (power seating options will decrease weight capacity and/or alter performance 
  • Drive Tires Black Pneumatic: 145/70-6 
  • Casters: Black Pneumatic or Foam-Filled 2.50-4 
  • Length (Base Only) 41.33" 
  • Width: 27.95" 
  • Turning Radius 22.8" 
  • S.T.F. w/out Power (MPS): 18.5" 
  • S.T.F. w/Full Power (MPS) 19.5" 
  • S.T.F. w/out Power (Rehab) 17.75" 
  • S.T.F. w/Full Power (Rehab) 18.75" 
  • Maximum Speed 6.5 mph 
  • Max Curb Capability 4"