Hatch Quad Gloves (Pair)

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Product Description

The first glove you should think of for easy-on easy-off is the Hatch Quad Push Wheelchair Glove. Less is more when you consider Hatch Quad Push Wheelchair Gloves' have no fingers are allow easy access for the hands by opening completely at the hand and the wrist. Once the hand is in, Hatch Quad Push Wheelchair Gloves employ two separate velcro straps close securely and comfortably at a perfect fit. The protection of Hatch Quad Push Wheelchair Gloves does not end with the hand and wrist. These wheelchair gloves extend beyond the wrist and are padded in all of the critical areas to prevent friction burns and nerve irritation. Wheelchair gloves are made of quality leather and spandex.


• Velcro closures
• Wheelchair gloves extend beyond the wrist
• Hatch wheelchair gloves are easy to slip on and off

To determine Your Size, use a flexible tape to measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles (not counting thumb). If your hand is disproportionately long or short you may need to go to the next larger or smaller size.

Size A: 9" to 11"
Size B: 6" to 8"
Size C X-Small to Child size