Hippocampe Wheelchair W/ Push Bar

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Product Description

A revolutionary and innovative concept for this new wheelchair called “Hippocampe”. The Hippocampe makes holidays, sea, outdoor leisure activities accessible to handicapped people. It can be used alone or with assistance, thanks to its ergonomic push bar. It goes everywhere. It rides across sand and accompanies you in your sea bathing as it floats. This sporty looking wheelchair will be your partner for all your outdoor activities.

Designed by a paramedical staff, tested by people with restricted mobility, the Hippocampe fits into everyone particular requirements and expectations. Trust it! The Hippocampe meets all strength, durability and safety criteria. The sturdy, light weight yet solid construction will keep you secure as you pursue your outdoor hobbies Let’s imagine you are on a beach, with the Hippocampe, you ride across the sand, clear all the obstacles and enter the water. The Hippocampe wheelchair floats while you are having a swim.


The user can operate the chair alone in the sand giving a true sense of freedom and independence (the push bar and traction kit are used for people who can not operate the wheelchair alone or for people who need a little extra help because of the terrain or fatigue),

The Hippocampe is better built and will last longer. For example, the blue casing you see on the chair (covering anodized aluminum tubes) prevents skin burns (aluminum gets hot in the sun and one can get burned easily). The seat is made of special fabric that does not absorb water (there is a hole in the seat for water to evacuate) which gives better comfort. The foot rest is in fiber glass, a stronger material, which is then covered with the same fabric as the seat to protect the skin of the feet. The special design of the push bar makes it very easy for someone to push and turn the Hippocampe in every direction; it does not require a lot of strength

The Hippocampe wheelchair is light (31 pounds) and collapsible which makes it easy to transport in a car or even in an airplane (one of the accessories is a transport bag allowing the chair to be checked as a luggage in airports)

It is very durable and easy to care for, a simple rinse after use on the beach will do. It is built not to rust, for example, the wheels have no bearing

It has a great design inspired by mountain biking and surfing.

It is customizable, we have a large number of accessories allowing people with many types of disabilities to use it

It comes in 4 sizes allowing children, teenagers and adults alike to use it.