Joe's Original Backtee

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Product Description

FREE Shipping! One of the most incredible golf tools of all time. The BACKTEE clips on/off any standard golf grip. Use it to insert the tee into the ground, pick the ball up and place it on the tee, and then, after hitting, pick the tee up. It eliminates ALL of the required stooping or bending associated with teeing a ball up.

A very simple and easy to use accessory that weighs less than an ounce. You've got to see it to believe it! Clips onto the grip end of any golf club. Performs all the required bending and stooping tasks for the golfer. Inserts the tee in the ground, places the ball on the tee, picks up the tee and when used on a putter, it can be used to retrieve the ball from the cup. No more bending, no more stooping and no more back, hip or knees pain or injuries.