Miracle Mist Plus 2 Ounce Gel

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Product Description

I first heard about this product in a New Mobility article about a Pressure Sores. “Despite four months and $10,000 in professional wound care, my sore quadrupled in size. In desperation I tried Miracle Mist Plus. Within two days the improvement was obvious. After 12 weeks of spraying, my wound was completely healed, and still is” I have since talked to other customers that have used it with success. Miracle Mist Plus is an innovative breakthrough in wound care. It cleanses, disinfects and accelerates healing.

Most sores heal with just the spray. For difficult cases, use spray first, then after it dries apply a thin layer of gel.
  • Instant pain relief
  • Cleans & disinfects • Accelerates healing
  • Soothing & non-irritating
  • Non-touch application
  • Treats deep wounds too

Keeps the skin moist Ideal for targeted areas More potent than the spray Adheres to problem areas longer All natural ingredients nourish and replenish your skin Improves epithelialzation Acts as a protective covering.

Safe for All Ages and Skin Types Safe for infants, children and elderly No side effects and no risk of overuse Non toxic if swallowed; harmless to eyes Non irritating and Non steroidal Manufactured in the strictest conditions in a CGMP Lab.
Combining Herbal Knowledge of Yesterday with The Science and Technology of Today
Miracle Mist Plus is an all natural formula designed by a physician, perfected into a gel by a chemist, using innovative technology to blend carefully selected minerals that nourish your skin and restore its integrity. The all natural ingredients are combined in a unique patented process that drives them into the skin two mm deep, penetrating disturbed areas, alkalizing problem spots and supporting the growth of new healthy cells.
Soothes and Alkalizes on Contact Miracle Mist Plus Gel can be squeezed onto the skin without touching or contaminating.