Pool Cue Cuff

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Product Description

This cuff enables those with limited hand function to hold pool cue securely. Strap length is adjustable for custom fit to both hands and cue. Dycem-lined straps hold cue firmly in place. Made of high quality, durable soft suede.

Comfortably Grips Rod-Shaped Objects

For people with arthritis, limited hand function, or painful joints that make gripping rod-shaped items a difficult task, the Grasping Cuff provides a helpful solution. The grip handle holder can be used with a variety of household items such as brooms, mops, and utensils for a secure grip when using these items. Strap with secure hook-and-loop closure and D-ring, making it easier to slip holder on and off for ease-of-use and convenience.

Ideal for Limited Hand Strength & Function

In physical therapy, the Grasping Cuff provides a sustained grasp for rehabilitation exercises and activities that may require a stronger grip strength. This cuff provides assistance for those who need a stronger grip or a sustained grasp to perform daily activities. The cuff is designed to tighten the user's grip around the item held in the palm.

Grasping Cuff Adjusts to Fit Any Hand Size

Designed to easily slide on and off by the user independently, hook-and-loop and D-ring closures adjust to fit any hand size. Accommodating a wide range of users, this universal handle holder aids those who suffer from hand arthritis and shaking hands. Grasping Cuff is constructed of durable, latex-free suede to provide protection and maintain stabilization at a fixed angle.