PRO Sport Upper Body Exerciser

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Product Description

The industry's most versatile rehabilitation tool, the PRO2® is an upper body exerciser and lower body recumbent bike in one for a total body solution. Dependent upper and lower cranks enable passive assistance.

• Knee-to-elbow motion for cardio to the core
• Easy access with true, adjustable step through
• Removable seat for wheelchair accessibility
• Standard, adjustable and bariatric seat options
• Therapist assist pedal on adjustable seat
• Bi-directional exercise
• Iso-Strength safe, accommodating strength program
• Very low starting resistance

Safe Entry - The step-thru design allows users to gain entry and exit easily and safely.
• Hand Grips - The handles are designed to be 19 degrees from the vertical plane, for the most biomechanically correct and comfortable position.
• Seat - The fixed-height seat is adjustable fore/aft, accommodates up to 500 lbs. of body weight, and is removable to accommodate wheelchair access.
• Core Muscles - The low seatback optimizes torso rotation and core recruitment with natural extension and flexion to improve core muscles.
Bi-directional Resistance - Move forwards or backwards to utilize different muscles groups.
• Cranks - Adjustable upper cranks for a greater range of motion, variety and a custom fit.
• Self-Powered - Place it anywhere without having to worry about tripping on unwieldy cords. Includes AC Adapter, which allows self-generating units to be plugged        in so their console remains lit and displays data for longer.
• Resistance - With 200 levels of resistance and a 6 watt starting resistance level, this elliptical is ideal for any type of user, in any condition.
• MP3 Compatible - The mP3 charger will keep users on and motivated.
• Cooling Fans - Twin cooling fans with three settings will keep users comfortable and cool.
• Heart Rate - Wireless heart rate compatible with interactive heart rate programming.

Intelli-Fit Console:

One of the things that sets Intelli-Fit apart is the ability to demonstrate improvement. Small increments in time and resistance are just two of the ways to see immediate improvement and stay motivated.

• Comprehensive - Intelli-Fit is the most comprehensive system for experiencing even the smallest improvements - down to .1 increments across a broad range of metrics.
• USB Port - Record results to any USB memory stick (no software required) to track results and see improvement over time.
• Assessments - Integrated assessment programs set a baseline and demonstrate progress.
• Individualized Programming - Specially designed programs to help improve individual scores on heart and power assessments.

•Cardiovascular Fitness - This is measured by heart rate recovery. Intelli-Fit takes the end user through a test, and then provides a score in beats per minute. Users can follow the built-in protocol to improve this score.
• Power - Intelli-Fit takes the end user through a test, and then provides a score based on watts. Users can follow the built-in protocol to improve this score.