Shirt-front Bite, Puff, or Squeeze Switch for M-Pow-R Fishing Reels

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Product Description

Simply clips to the front of users shirt. Is positionable and able to hold its shape. Perfect for multi-user environments with cost-effective, easily replaced, disposable, bite bulbs and tubing. Designed for M-Pow-R Fishing Reels but will work with any ability switch enabled device.

Can Be Used as a:

  • Bite Switch (dispose of bulbs between users)
  • Puff Switch by blowing gently on end of tubing
  • Grasp Switch, Fist Switch, or Foot Switch with the large squeeze bulb.
  • attached to your favorite mount


  • 1 compact in-line pneumatic switch - 5' of heavy gauge cable, 3.5mm mono jack
  • 10' foot roll of disposable 1/8" ID PVC tubing (can cut into three 3' lengths)
  • 1 large squeeze bulb to activate with fist or foot
  • 12" of  stainless steel positioning wire for inside tubing
  • 2 Shirt-front Clips