StrikeFighter Sitting Model

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Product Description

The StrikeFighter one arm model is fantastic for one arm fishing while using standard fishing gear. The StrikeFighter™ allows your leg to pump your rod by using movement. It operates as a base and pivots and fights fish without removing rod from StrikeFighter. For a one arm angler you can use the available arm to strike, or if you have movement in one leg, it can be lifted to strike, You can use any combination of the above methods and handle small to large fish. Its amazing how easy you can pump the rod and still retain striking and fighting abilities. Cast with the available arm, then insert in the StrikeFighter horn and start reeling in or wait till you get a bite. The StrikeFighter takes the place of one arm and with uses it becomes as one with your body to perform as if you had the use of both arms. If your good hand is your right, specify right, also pick proper waist size.