All-Terrain Wheelchairs

We have a full line of beach all terrain wheelchairs. Water-loving souls increase the level of fun that you have at the beach with one of the best floating all terrain wheelchairs available in the market. Designed to offer optimum float-ability as well as comfort, ATR beach wheelchairis meant for those who don’t feel bound by their limitations. The high-quality aluminum beach chair is mounted on wheels that roll effortlessly over the sand. Impressively designed, the ATR chair beach wheelchair is perfect to be used at swimming pools apart from the beach.
Or check out the De-Bug beach wheelchair. It is an easy maneuverable beach all terrain wheelchair with a long list of options so you can custom order the wheelchair to fit your needs. The De-Bug’s unique, patented design provides a comfortable ride. Your body is properly supported in this chair. De-Bug turns easily and quickly while users sit at a comfortable tilt angle which may be adjusted. Our De-Bug chairs may be scaled to fit any sized individual and most every type of seating requirement may be accommodated. We also offer a revolutionary and innovative concept for this new wheelchair called “Hippocampe”. The Hippocampe wheelchair makes holidays, sea, and outdoor leisure activities accessible to those with mobility impairments. It can be used alone or with assistance, thanks to its ergonomic push bar. It goes everywhere. It rides across sand and accompanies you in your sea bathing as it floats. This sporty looking wheelchair will be your partner for all your outdoor activities.
Isn’t one of these wheelchairs something you always wanted? Go ahead and check the features and technical specifications on our website before making the purchase.